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Helen Pilates

West Sussex & Online

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Welcome, I'm Helen

I'm passionate about bringing mind and body together in Harmony. 

I've been teaching pilates for over a decade and have been taught by some inspiring teachers enabling me to become the teacher I am today. 

Why Pilates? 

Working with Pilates

We work with the principles of Alignment, Breathing, Centering, Control, Precision, Concentration and Flow, you will find your practice enhances mindful movement and benefits both body and mind. Commit to coming each week and start to feel the difference.


We focus on strengthening, lengthening and toning the muscles in order to support the skeletal structure. We build strength, resilience, flexibility and a positive awareness of our body’s needs and capabilities.

We work together to enhance your general well being and deepen your knowledge of the Pilates principles; we strengthen, lengthen, tone and improve your mobility, breathing, posture and connect your mind with your body to get the very best out of it.

We delve deeper into the exercises and really feel the work.

What I offer


Open Group Classes

Join a small group class for mixed-ability classes taught on the mat.

Suitable for clients with some prior knowledge of Pilates. 


1:1 classes 

Tailored sessions allow us to address injuries, pre-hab and re-hab. I work on the mat, with small equipment and with a Pilates Reformer.  Available in person, and online.


Private Groups

Great for corporate wellness days, team buildings, private parties and an alternative for hen parties!

Classes focus on assisting clients to address their postural habits and allowing time to relax and unwind

Katherine Gannon

"Private Pilates classes with Helen and I've turned into a new woman with a stronger and more flexible body who is now busy planning a new life with lots of exciting new chapters."

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